Main Functions of the Station


This Station is responsible for carry out agricultural researches and extension services mainly for Miaoli County, but the silkworm and honeybee extension services are extended to all over the island of Taiwan. The main missions of the Station are as follows:

1. To carry out researches on variety improvement and cultivation practices for agronomic and horticultural crops.

2. To carry out researches on genetic resource preservation and utilization of silkworm and honeybee, with special regards to variety improvement and methodology of rearing silkworm and honeybee. To upgrade the quality of bee products, through using the improved processing methods so that to increase its marketing value. To apply the new biotechnology and to develop silkworm bioreactor so that to produce the new bio-products of higher economic value.

3. To carry out researches on mass rearing of natural enemies for biological control of harmful insect pests.

4. To carry out agricultural environment-related researches such as agricultural meteorology, soil, and fertilizers.

5. To design farm machinery and farm tools that are suitable for small farm operation.

6. To transfer the newly developed agricultural technologies, such as crop cultivation, skills of rearing silkworm and honeybee to farmers, through extension services, such as training, workshop, and mass communication media, etc.

7. To carry out researches on farm management in relation to the establish ment of market-oriented production and marketing systems for farmers so that to enhance the rural economy.

8. To collect and update agricultural information for dissemination to farmers through mass communication media including the computerized storage and retrieval system via internet and GPS (global positioning system) services as a part of extension work.

9. To beautify and preserve the rural natural environment and help farmers to establish leisure or sightseeing farms, such as strawberry farms, peach orchard, and organic farms so as to promote rural tourism.